Cinco de Mayo
The Novel

CincodeMayohardcoverDuring Mexico’s War of Reform in 1860, Conservative Gen. Miguel Miramón and his army was responsible for some heinous crimes, many of them against innocent citizens. After the war, he escaped from Mexico aboard a French naval vessel as the war ended. Now, Miramón is about to return with his French backers. Read more 

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Non-Fiction:   The Story Behind Mexico's Battle of Puebla

CincoDeMayoCvr125There are many children’s books about Cinco de Mayo, but this is the first in-depth, adult level edition on this topic in decades! The experts agree:

    Meticulously researched… fast action and vivid details …fascinating stories.

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ISBN 0-595-39241-5

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Strange truths


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Three new editions, including student editions in English & español are available. Click here.


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