Cinco de Mayo, the Novel


Cinco De Mayo

The Novel


During Mexico’s War of the Reform in 1859, Conservative General Miguel Miramon and his army were responsible for some heinous atrocities, many of them against innocent citizens.Rather than surrender as the war ended, he escaped from Mexico aboard a French naval vessel. Now, in 1861, Miramon is about to return with his French backers.

Many Mexican citizens seek revenge against Miramon for what he did to their families. A thirty-two-year-old Tejano, (Mexican born in Texas before it gained its independence,) Alonso Torres is one of them. His father was killed by Miramon’s men in a massacre at a hospital, and Alonso vows to avenge the death. Alonso has joined the mission of General Ignacio Zaragoza as an undercover operative and works with Fernando Vargas and his sons to see that Miramon is brought to justice.

Paloma Vargas is unaware that her family’s stagecoach business is the cover for a Mexican spy network. The only girl in the family, she becomes suspicious when two of her brothers mount up and leave town with Alonso Torres. Paloma follows them and finds herself suddenly committed as a guerilla fighter. The colonel who heads the French contre-guerilla forces becomes outraged when he learns that the person causing him major problems is a woman. He orders his men to find out who she is and to capture or kill her at any cost.

A Saga of Courage
and Defiance

By Don Miles

Don Miles has been visiting Mexico for more than 50 years. His inspiration for this book came from his late wife, Dr. Minerva Gonzalez Angulo Miles. The couple were married in Mexico City in 1962.They not only traveled widely throughout the country, but lived in San Miguel de Allende with their children in the 1970’s.

Some principals and teachers in Texas triggered Don’s interest in Cinco de Mayo. They would tell students that May 5 is Mexican Independence Day. (It’s not - that’s on Sept. 16th.) When Don would try to challengethat, they would tell him, “Don’t make trouble. We’ve always taught it this way."

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