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French troops arrive in Mexico in 1861 to conquer Mexico and help the Confederacy defeat the Union in the American Civil War.  The French are defeated at Puebla and retreat to Orizaba during 1862, awaiting reinforcements.  They capture Puebla in 1863 and then enter Mexico City, finding the Catholic Church to be an obstacle.  Unable to install their choice for Mexican Emperor without a popular vote, they gather the so-called “vote” at gunpoint.

When the American Civil War ends in 1865, Confederate soldiers and officers drift into Mexico.  General Grant’s Army is now free to stage maneuvers along the border, setting off panic in Mexico City and Paris.  Grant’s move prompts Napoleon III to cut his losses and pull his troops out.  Emperor Maximilian, surrounded by Mexican forces, is captured, tried and executed.  President Benito Juárez returns to the capital as Mexicans take their country back.

About The Author

Award-winning radio journalist Don Miles is the author of Broadcast News Handbook and Broadcast Newswriting Stylebook. The author personally traversed many of the sites in this book with his late wife and Mexico City native, Dr. Minerva González-Angulo Miles. Don Miles is based in Austin, Texas.

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