Midwest Book Review

"accessible to readers of all backgrounds...excellent historical primer especially recommended for public library collections" --Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

Corpus Christi Caller Times

"entertaining, understandable and reader-friendly" --Margaret Neu, On My Nightstand Blog

Reviewer’s Choice Reviews

"Miles gained access to restricted...information and used it well. The style is pacey, flowing, and dramatic...colorful and often funny. Cinco de Mayo is an enjoyable read for history buffs, no matter what their favorite nation or time is." --Joy Calderwood, Reviewer's Choice Reviews

Reader Views Reviews

"The accounts of this war from France's point of view are similar to what many believe is occurring today in Iraq. 'The government was concealing the real purposes for going to war, the invading army was led to believe they would be welcomed as liberators and there was no plan to deal with the responsibilities after a military victory.' " --Leslie Granier, Reader Views Reviews

Lyrique Tragedy Reviews

"Miles provides a panoramic perspective on events that have been glossed over in the past....Rather than recounting the events with the stereotyped sterility of history books, Miles brings to life the major actors in the theatre of war in a highly readable, accessible rendering of events and personalities." --Dawn Papuga, Lyrique Tragedy Reviews

Pan American Review -- “Austin author debunks misconceptions about Cinco de Mayo” from The Pan American, The Student newspaper of the Univerisity of Texas-Pan American, April 19,2007, page 8.

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