Who will read this book?

Teachers of Spanish:  129 universities have education programs that train them.

Latin American Studies Majors: 140 institutions offer majors for future diplomats and international business students, and most universities have History Majors!

Hispanics in College: 174 universities have at least 25% Hispanic student enrollment.

Hispanics in Business: merchants who are members of any of the 16 Hispanic Chambers of Commerce and Business Associations in the U.S.  Some may want to sell this book along with their other products and services to enhance the knowledge of this topic among their clients.

Tourists: at museums, gift stores, airports, souvenir shops, etc. – especially in Mexico.

Hispanics in the Military: far exceed – percentagewise – their representation in the armed forces than in the population at large. They’ll be browsing at PX’s on U.S. military bases throughout the world. Many will find this information for the first time.

History Buffs: who constantly browse in the “History” and “Military History” sections of bookstores. Many are unaware of the impact that Cinco de Mayo had – and might have had – on the United States, particularly on our Civil War.

Teachers in General: Music teachers, elementary teachers and others must put on Cinco de Mayo programs with students every year. They will want to know more about the history behind this celebration.

Festival Participants: There are now Cinco de Mayo festivals all over the U.S., drawing larger crowds than Mexico ever dreamed of. Many of those attending would be pleased to find a book like this.

Retail Store Customers: You can buy books on hockey at sporting goods stores, books on gourmet cooking at upscale supermarkets,  –  so it stands to reason that you can should be able to buy books on this topic at  other  than traditional bookstores. Many potential readers will find the book in such stores serving their interests. 

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